Monday, June 21, 2010

Simple Decorating, using mostly what you have

   I am a writer, but I also love decorating - ie - having my home look serene and as lovely as possible.  I have had this business of Flair and Dare, motto - Have Hammer will travel - since 1988 and have helped many friends and relatives redo their homes.  However, doing this as a blog I will travel with words.  The reason I mention hammer and nail, is that when I walk into some ones home and they tell me they wish they knew how to decorate, the first thing I see on the wall or floor are unframed pictures.
  One of the worst things about non decorating it tacking up posters or having small pictures hung around without a frame, or leaving pictures on the floor waiting for them to crawl by themselves up to a particular space on an empty wall.  And then there are those people who, either they themselves or their husbands, are afraid to death of a nail hole in the wall!@#
  How silly is that?  Many people think that framing is expensive, and yes it can be.  But using the Flair and Dare way, it doesn't have to be.  This is especially true for small pictures - those that are no bigger than 8 x 10.  Frames from Target, KMart, Wal-Mart and even the $1.00 store can be had for a song.  Larger frames can also be found ready made, if you look the price can be reasonable. 
  I am going to try to write everyday and give free advice on how to make your home - living space - look like a decorator paid you a visit.  I hope someone will read this and that it will be helpful to those interested.  Next time I will talk about where to hang your pictures.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Decorating your living space!

  Do you look around you and wish you had a flair for decorating?  Do you want your surroundings to be pleasant, or do you not care how your home looks to people who come into your living space? 
  My purpose in this blog is to show you how to use what you have to enhance your living area, primarily we will deal with your living room/dining area and perhaps your bedroom.